Industry-Leading Cartoner Infeed and Transfer Systems

Kraken Automation’s engineering team has developed some of the fastest, most efficient, reliable, and economically-viable cartoner infeed and transfer systems available today. Our conveyor systems utilize modern servo technology, featuring no mechanical parts aside from the paddles themselves – allowing our transfer and infeed conveyors to be virtually maintenance-free. With over 20 years of bag in box line experience, we are the authority on cartoner infeed and transfer systems. 

Has your business’ packaging line been running into issues with its delivery and infeed conveyor systems between the separate bagger and cartoner systems? This is where a Kraken solution comes into play. Our infeed conveyor systems and high-speed transfers can deliver bags at rates of up to 240 bags per minute (bpm) on a single machine. Our ingenious technology can also be optimized for product settling, metal detection integration, long bad detection, and product rejects. 

The Kraken Automation team consists of infeed and transfer experts who have spent over 20 years developing new concepts and modernizing tried and true concepts with new technology. We have packaging systems that have been running for two decades efficiently packaging cereal, crackers, and other products. Get Kraken today and see how our team can kickstart your automated bagging and cartoning systems into overdrive. 

More custom designed Cartoner Infeeds are available as well.

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Multi-lane Infeed for Robotic Case Loading System

Optimize Your Packaging Process

Our optimized conveyor systems can also seamlessly integrate with new packaging equipment or replace your old mechanical equipment with our current technology as a stand alone system. Our automated packaging systems are capable of increased efficiency, higher line speeds, lower downtime, and little maintenance. Working with Kraken Automation means saying goodbye to your packaging inefficiencies. 

Cartoner systems can be used across a wide range of industries, and are often used in food manufacturing. Kraken offers several infeed and transfer system options, and what choice you make depends entirely upon what other components make up your current automatic packaging system. 

Kraken’s engineering team has integrated multiple bagger systems into one cartoner infeed when the available footprint requires such. This allows our automated packaging systems to achieve very high speeds with a random source of product. 

Our portfolio of cartoner infeed and transfer systems are designed to handle product with a consistent timed cycle, or product that cannot be produced with a make a bag signal that appear randomly on the conveyor line based on a set rate only. Our cartoner infeed and transfer systems provide the efficient packaging you have been looking for and require little maintenance – the ideal combination. 

Kraken Automation also offers custom accessories designed to complement our infeed systems. Our Product Settler (pictured right) is one of these accessories. The Product Settler flattens product after it has been bagged so the product bags can cleanly pack into their boxes in the cartoning machine. Loose product from improperly sealed bags falls through the settler, ensuring a clean cartoner and seamless packaging line.

Our infeed and transfer conveyor systems have allowed our company to ascend into the top-tier of transfer conveyor manufacturers. Your business will greatly benefit from installing Kraken’s unique automatic packaging systems.

Kraken's Product Settler, designed to flatten product so it packs nicely into cartons and boxes.

Achieve On-Time Delivery with Kraken’s Carton and Automatic Bagging Machines

The typical challenge to the packaging line has always been the infeed conveyor and delivery systems between other modules such as baggers, flow wrappers, cartoners, case packers, and other large-scale machine units. Due to Kraken Automation’s new developments and advancements in the ever-evolving field of motion technology, this is no longer the case. 

Kraken has replaced the older methodologies that employed mechanically-driven overhead sweeps and slide gate assemblies with our new automated packaging system’s technology. This allows products to be oriented and delivered on-time at rates that have never even been imagined. Whichever configuration of size and number of products you need to package and get out the door, this Kraken automatic packaging system will get the job done quickly and efficiently. 

Whether you need to coordinate the automated packaging of multipacks of the same product, or combinations of different products, Kraken’s industry-leading cartoner infeed and transfer system is the right packaging system for your business. 

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Achieve High-Speed Automatic Packaging with Kraken Automation

Designed with longevity in mind, Kraken’s standard high-speed cartoner infeed transfer systems feature zero mechanical wear parts. Thanks to our engineering team’s robust conveyor designs, our infeed systems require only simple maintenance to perform at peak capacity. 

Kraken wants all of its clients to be able to package their products accurately and efficiently, so we have our team review all our clients’ project parameters to ensure their products are being packaged properly each and every time. This includes a thorough review of the packaging line before our cartoner infeed and transfer system has been installed, so you can rest assured knowing you’ll be able to run a smooth operation once a Kraken infeed solution has been installed. 

A Multi-Product Automated Packaging Solution

Kraken Automation’s solutions for cartoner loading applications go beyond simple bag-in-box packaging, as our simple and robust designs are ideal for packaging and loading products such as trays, cups, pie shells, pizzas, pizza stacks, cans, frozen desserts and treats, and so much more. We developed many infeed and transfer conveyor belt systems with versatility and efficiency top of mind so that we can best serve our variety of clients.