Divert and Reject Systems - Eliminate Your Automated Packaging Problems

Kraken Automation’s product diverters and reject systems can be sized to meet your specific product requirements.

Achieve Efficient Sortation with Kraken's Product Diverters

Our Product Diverters divide products into multiple lanes, allowing your system to change the direction of portions of continuous product flow. For example, if a product is packaged in multiple carton-size configurations, you can divert some product for packaging to a 2-per box carton packaging system and some to a 12-per-pack packager. Other uses include product bypass, use of multiple slower systems downstream, or change of flow to back up systems for maintenance of material changes.

Kraken’s product diverters can be supplied in many forms depending on the number of lanes required at the discharge, product speeds, sensitivity of the packaging, variation of products on the same line, and many more specifications.

Safely and Efficiently Remove Product with Kraken's Reject Systems

Many high-speed packaging lines use pneumatic or air blast rejects to eliminate unqualified product before it reaches the next stage. This can occur after products go through checkweighers, metal detectors, x-ray systems, volume checkers, and other inspection systems. While pneumatic and air blast rejection can be used in specific applications, they come with a number of inherent problems
and concerns about effectiveness and safety.

Kraken has developed many reject systems that eliminate typical rejection issues. Problems with product speed have been solved by rejection systems that can achieve speeds of up to 1000 parts per minute. Safety concerns are eliminated through the use of rejects that gently remove product without spilling open containers. Each situation can be evaluated for the best solution to ensure the safest and most efficient reject system.

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