Versatile and Durable Conveyor Belt Systems Fit for a Wide Variety of Applications

Belt Conveyor System Highlights

Boxes on a Belt Conveyor

Can handle any material, from regular to sanitary production use


Direct belt guide design eliminates constant maintenance adjustments for belt centering


Configurable as either seamed or continuous belt installations


Customized widths and lengths available

Kraken's Belt Conveyor System in Action

Standard and Sanitary Production Conveyor Belt Solutions Information

Kraken KCB belt conveyors can be manufactured to handle any material for any manufacturing environment, from regular to sanitary production use. Our direct belt guide design makes belt tracking effortless and alleviates constant maintenance adjustments for belt centering.

In addition, Kraken offers various belt materials from a number of conveyor belt manufacturers to optimize product traction for high speed applications, configurable as either seamed or continuous belt installations. Our belt conveyors widths can be configured from 4” (100 mm) to 36” (915 mm) with lengths of up to 12 feet (4 m). Customized widths and lengths can be made available based on review of application and product specifications.

Whatever your conveyor systems requirements, let Kraken work with you to develop your packaging conveyor solution.

Belt Conveyor Options

Our wide spectrum of material handling options can be integrated with Kraken KCB belt conveyors to provide our customers with fully functional and versatile belt conveyor systems.

Some of these options include:

  • Long pouch/bag detection with reject (on pouch or bag packaging conveyors)
  • Metal detector conveyors (metal detectors of various brands) with reject and reject confirmation (on bag packaging conveyors)
  • Product conditioners (on pouch or bag packaging conveyors)
  • Carton open flap and reject detection (on carton conveyors)
  • Product SKU bar code validation and reject
  • Product orientation (bump turning, differential speed turning)
  • Carton/Case coding systems on multiple faces (on carton conveyors or case conveyors)

See more of our Conveyor Systems. Our belt conveyor systems are the first step. Optimize your packaging line with Kraken Automation. 

Belt Conveyor System Applications


Pouch conveyor belt system for cake mix, pasta, seasonings, etc.


Wrapped product belt conveyor systems for cereal bars or frozen trays, pizza, waffles, etc.


Medium duty bag rubber conveyor belt system for cereal, snacks, etc.


Heavy-duty bag belt conveyor systems for bagged product weighing up 50 lbs (25 kg)


Carton conveyors for inter-machine transport, open flap detect/reject


Medium-duty case conveyors for inter-machine transport, rubber conveyor belt system for case coding

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Specialized applications for raw or wrapped product (baking reject, bulk cereal bar handling)

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