Retractable Conveyor Belt - The Custom Solution to Improve Your Packaging Line

System Highlights


Open the retractable conveyor system to allow workers and equipment to navigate through your packaging line easily


Custom solution can be fit anywhere on your conveyor line to maximize efficiency


Automatically stops production when retracted and starts the line back up when closed

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Enhances workplace safety as employees will no longer need to go under or above conveyor lines

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More Info on our Retractable Conveyor Belt

Kraken Automation’s Retractable Conveyor Belt System allows workers to pass through the conveyor belt area with minimal disruption to your packaging line. There’s no need to spend time cranking open a conveyor belt with our retractable design. Simply pull back the retractable conveyor section and walk through the conveyor to get where you need to go while only briefly interrupting production. Designed to retract into the conveyor system horizontally, this conveyor is perfect for gaining safe access to previously unreachable areas, creating intuitive pathways on your floor, and performing equipment maintenance and change-outs. Our packaging solution provides workers with a safer option than attempting to move around, over, or under moving conveyor systems. 

Our retractable conveyor system is ideal for packaging lines across various industries, including food processing, beverage, pharmaceutical and other CPG (consumer packaged goods) facilities. Kraken’s team will also customize your retractable conveyor belt to fit perfectly onto your production floor. Developing customized solutions to solve packaging challenges is our specialty. 

Kraken Automation has been innovating automated packaging systems since 1988, and our retractable conveyor belt is our most recent design that has been impressing our clients. Improving their packaging lines’ efficiency and making their floors easier to navigate has been a priority of many manufacturers for years, and Kraken’s retractable conveyor belt does that and more.

Get Kraken & Easily Adjust Your Packaging Line

You shouldn’t need to shut down your packaging line in order to install new equipment in a hard to reach section or to quickly reach a jam. Downtime is costly and should never be accepted. Kraken Automation’s retractable conveyor belt solves this issue, as workers can simply retract the conveyor to open up the line for new equipment or material to pass through. Opening up the conveyor can create a passage for fork trucks, carts, and personnel, depending on how large you want to make the conveyor gate. Eliminate costly downtime and maximize your conveyor line’s production with a Kraken Retractable Conveyor Belt System.

Make your floor a safer work environment

Decrease your packaging line’s footprint by eliminating the need to design around the line’s traffic patterns and allowing employees to navigate the floor using retractable conveyors easily. This results in a safer work environment since workers will no longer need to move over or under equipment to perform maintenance or other duties. 

According to OSHA 1926.555(a)(7), all crossovers, aisles, and passageways shall be conspicuously marked by suitable signs. Specific regulations vary by municipality, but the overarching objective is to ensure that workers have the ability to get out of the facility as quickly and safely as possible in the event of an emergency. Kraken Automation’s Retractable Conveyor exceeds the standards put in place by the International Building Code (IBC), as it safely allows employees to leave the area while automatically bringing the conveyor belt to a halt, ensuring no product will fall off the line and obstruct employees from leaving. The retractable conveyor can also continue to run while turning off the upstream, so all product actually leaves the area of the walkthrough space.

Kraken custom designs and builds its products to optimize your packaging floor, maximizing efficiency and productivity where it matters most. We can install retractable conveyor openings wherever you need them, and our team is also available for consulting on ideal locations and maximizing your floorplan’s potential.

Improve mobility on your production floor with Kraken’s Retractable Conveyor Belt System

Kraken Automation’s retractable conveyors improve worker mobility on the packaging/production floor by creating new pathways through conveyor belt systems. Our retractable conveyor automatically brings the conveyor line to a stop when unlatched and retracted, thereby ensuring no product spillage.

Retractable Conveyor Belt Applications

Pouch conveyor systems for juice products
Small packet conveyor belt for micro-products
meat (1)
Wrapped product conveyor systems for frozen trays and produce
Bag conveyor systems for cereal and snacks
Tube conveyor systems for toothpaste and yogurt products
Carton conveyor belt for inter-machine transport
Case conveyor belt for inter-machine transport
Conveyor segments integrated into Kraken material handling solutions

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