High Speed Drop Load Case Packer - The Perfect Case Packing Equipment ​

System Highlights


2-axis system – infeed diverter and drop slide gate


Small footprint space 12’ X 6’ X 6’ (infeed accumulation and drop packer machine) depending on required product and rate


Multi-lane diverter, infeed collation (auto sensing for high and low prime accumulation)


Integrated case orientation system for complete loading flexibility


Automatic case management system


Operator interface for product select, system controls, and alarm display


System flexibility and customization to meet case/bottle sizes

Allen Bradley controls and operator interface

Kraken's Case Packing Equipment in Action

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High Speed Drop Load Case Packer

The KCP130-20 Drop Case Packer Machine, purpose-built to fit inside a 4’ X 12’ footprint, includes a case erector, a product infeed, and a lane diverter. Our team designed this industry-leading case packing equipment to optimize your packing floor. Get Kraken and talk to us today so you can see the difference our drop packer machine can do for you.

The product infeed system, in concert with the lane diverter, feeds single-file bottles into a four-lane accumulation area. Here, the product is batch loaded onto a dead plate within the drop packer machine, which correctly orients the product and arranges it to suit the selected case size (number of bottles). The dead plate product is then drop loaded into pre-oriented cases erected and correctly oriented by the case erector below.

Loaded cases are discharged to a conveyor for transfer to the downstream case sealer/palletizer operation.

The KCP130-20 replaces manual case-erect and manual product load operations, and can take your plant productivity and efficiency to new levels.

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High Speed Drop Load Case Packer Applications

Bottles of all sizes
Stand-up pouches
Household consumables