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Automated Conveyor Systems

Kraken Automation designs and manufactures conveyors and conveying systems for any packaging or process application. We are dedicated to the pursuit of the latest material handling innovations. Our objective – like yours – is to convey product gently, without damage, while doggedly pursuing maximum throughput and zero loss. One of Kraken’s newest products is our Retractable Conveyor Belt System, ideal for plants looking to make their packaging lines easier to navigate. This new system automatically stops production when the belt is retracted and starts right back up when closed – making our Retractable Conveyor Belt an easy solution to improve workplace safety.

Our Innovative Conveyor Systems

With or without accessories, one short piece to a whole line, Kraken can fulfill your conveyor needs.

Flexible Conveyor Systems and Solutions

Kraken designs and manufactures conveyor solutions of any size, from small belt conveyors for vial and gum packets to large pallet conveyor systems. Our long association with automated conveyor systems allows us to offer you rapid turn-around delivery time to your facility. Yes, we can meet your timeline.

Our automated conveyor systems solutions have been applied to:

  • Transporting and routing pouches and bags (up to 60 lbs weights)
  • Transporting and routing cans, trays, and cartons
  • Transporting and routing cases
  • Transporting and routing unwrapped and wrapped slip sheeted loads and pallets

Technologies employed in our automated conveyor systems include:

  • Standard or sanitary (to USDA standards) belt or rope conveyors
  • Standard or sanitary (to USDA standards) chain conveyors
  • Modular or flexible conveyor systems
  • Magnetic, vacuum assist, or air cushion conveyors
  • Standard or sanitary live roller conveyors

In addition to transporting and routing, Kraken offers value-added accessories for automated conveyor systems, which include:

  • Product analysis and reject systems (bar code SKU validation, open flap check, food metal detectors)
  • In-line product turning and orientation
  • Product identification and labelling (UV based ID tagging, adhesive/ink jet/laser labelling)
  • Product diversion with speeds of up to 250 PPM

Kraken will work with your automated conveyor systems requirements.

See all of Kraken’s Automated Solutions.

Additional Information

Our conveyors can be supplied as standalone pieces or installed as fully integrated, integral portions of an automated manufacturing system, augmented by transfers, merging systems, primary/secondary/tertiary packaging equipment, or other custom Kraken innovations. Each conveyor solution is configured into a distributed or centralized control architecture, with modular pre-wired options available.

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