Get Kraken Infinity Process

For packaging automation projects to be successful, a rigorous, well-planned, and well-executed approach is a must. That’s why we carefully follow our Get Kraken 8-step Infinity process for each and every project we take on, from engineering new solutions to troubleshooting existing line issues.

1 ) Rationalization/Need Identification Phase

System requirements requisitioned, project work schedule finalized, technician resources allocated, system build commences.

2) Conceptual Phase

Strategize, conceptualize, facilitate solution. Estimate capital costs and develop an ROI. Platform solutions to customer using “Value Sell”, customer benefits and customer commitment.

3) Design Engineering Phase

Complete physical, mechanical, electrical, and controls design; capital costs and ROI finalized. Validate physical design with supporting computer modeling, animation, or prototyping if necessary.

4) Fabrication Phase

System requirements requisitioned, project work schedule finalized, technician resources allocated, system build commences.

5) Assembly Phase

All components are assembled together.

6) Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) Phase/Induced Failure Testing (IFT)

System tested at factory location based on customer parameters, product characteristics and system requirements. All previous modeling specs and performances enhanced and finalized.

7) Acceptance Test (SAT): Site Installation and Commissioning Phase

Customer sign-off and system acceptance. Contractor supervision, pre-SAT testing, installation, validation, and inspection.

8) Training and After-Service Phase

Training for system safety, system operation, operator interface, maintenance, and troubleshooting. Customer follow-up, identify current or future requirements, identify change requirements and/or new challenges.

Kraken's Packaging Automation Development Process

Kraken Automation's Underlying Business Principles

Based on over thirty years of industry experience, Kraken Automation has developed a tried and proven Packaging Automation Development Process that includes all the critical steps required to ensure projects meet or exceed customer expectations:

  • on-time and on-budget project completion
  • a solution that meets or exceeds stated Key Performance targets
  • packaging automation systems that meet or exceed reliability and safety standards
  • technology that stands the test of time and is adaptable

Kraken’s experienced and innovative engineers, technicians and project managers strictly adhere to the Kraken Automation Development Process. Our team possesses the skill sets and resources required to thoroughly understand all performance requirements and budgetary constraints, and to develop, test and implement the best possible packaging automation solutions.

We are capable of developing customized systems from the ground up, or tailoring our turnkey, off the shelf solutions whenever appropriate.

Regardless of the approach, custom build or off-the-shelf, our development process ensures project outcomes meet or exceed customer expectations for performance and quality—every time.


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