Palletizing/Depalletizing Systems - Kraken's Incredible Palletizing Robot

System Highlights

  • A unique bag transfer mechanism to positively transfer heavy, paper or plastic bags from filler conveyors (wide edge leading) to the main trunk transport conveyor (short edge leading to the robot palletizing cells). This machine can handle a variety of heavy bags and sizes.
  • A means to identify bags using a non-contact UV ink application, detection and verification system, thereby uniquely identifying bags according to originating filling station.
  • A robot end-of-arm tooling to not only provide bag squaring at pickup and transport, but properly place and release bag to maintain pallet stack perimeter dimensions within the pallet dimensions.
  • Dynamic (not using fixed program offsets) pallet height analysis from the robot end of arm tooling after each pallet tier completion. This ensures that the robot is instructed as to the actual pallet stack height given the variability in bag fill density (and therefore bag thickness dimensions for the same product SKU).
  • Non specialized integrated components utilized standard industry manufacturers, such as Hytrol (belt, roller conveyors) and ABB (IRB 660 palletizing robots).
  • Capability to handle plastic bag products with alternate robot end of arm handling tool.

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Additional Palletizing Robot System Info

Turnkey robot selection with state-of-the-art end-of-arm tooling and product delivery systems are key ingredients of a fully functional and optimized material handling system for product palletizing. Tertiary packaging systems are using robots to a greater extent in providing flexible solutions, especially with difficult to handle cases and/or bags. The selection of robot, in conjunction with robot’s end-of-arm tooling and product infeed and delivery system, are the key aspects of a fully functional handling system for product palletizing. This bag conveying system incorporates belt-over-roller, center-tracked (conveyors with belts wider than longer), and roller conveyors. The control system provides bag routing capability from three pairs of filling units to two robotic palletizing cells, incorporating bag traffic copping functionality between trunk and filler conveyors. Check out the other Material Handling Products available at Kraken Automation

Applications for our Robotic Palletizer


Heavy Mesh




Plastic Bags of all Sizes