Carton Picker/Feeder System - Improve your Vertical Packaging Machines

System Highlights

  • 60 CPM handling capacity (dependent on product size and type)
  • Single-axis system within the oscillating motion carton picker
  • Compact loading system maximizing carton magazine storage
  • Simple, mechanical oscillating motion of carton pick-head assembly
  • Fast, easy set-up and changeover to a wide range of carton sizes

Carton Picker/Feeder Video

A Low-Maintenance Carton Picker/Feeder System

The KCF-60 Carton Feeder System is a unique solution to loading pre-glued carton blanks from an extended carton magazine into a vertical pick buffer. Suitable for any vertical packing machine, the KCF-60 is ideally suited to a system where one operator is assigned to two or more vertical cartoners in a limited space, where maximum use of minimal carton magazine length is essential. The KCF-60’s vertical loading system is both repeatable and low-maintenance. Two or more KCF-60 vertical loading systems can comfortably be monitored by a single operator, who can easily hold multiple units at maximum throughput. Each vertical cartoner employs a compact pick arm assembly that mechanically transposes rotary motion into an oscillating trajectory. This approach completely eliminates older-technology problems using mechanical carton stripping methods by preventing jams and by fast-tracking and simplifying set-up procedures. View Kraken Automation’s other available Cartoner Machines.

Carton Picker/Feeder Applications


Cartons in the food and beverage industries (soup, cereal, jello, etc.)