High Speed Servo Paddle Reject System

System Highlights

  • Energy-efficient
  • Precise rejection of cartons and products
  • Operates at speeds of up to 240 PPM

MD-240The servo paddle reject device on the KSPR3-240 is an energy-efficient, three-fin, servo-driven paddle designed for precise rejection of cartons and products. This servo paddle works well in conjunction with many product sense/detect and vision systems to prevent reject packaging. Products can be inspected and rejected for many reasons including: metal detection, open flap, open case, improper bar code, etc.

KSPR3-240’s paddle rejection mechanism can operate at rates of up to 240 PPM depending on product and carton sizes and weights. The KSPR3-240 replaces high-air consumption components and pneumatic paddle rejection systems, which in turn eliminates the unreliability of air blow-off systems. Pneumatic paddle rejection can also lend itself to product mishandling, particularly during conveyance of open-case or open-carton applications, susceptible to contamination by air-blown reject product. Product skewing and downstream product jams are also eliminated when outmoded pneumatic system material handling systems are replaced by the precision of servo-driven devices.

  • Cartons
  • Beverage industry
  • Frozen food

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