Product Lane Diverters and Conveyor Belt Diverter Systems

System Highlights

  • Divert product to multiple lanes and/or multiple areas/operations to effectively improve packaging speeds
  • Prevent product accumulation and address product merge requirements

Product Lane Diverter with Accumulation Video

Additional Conveyor Diverter Arms Info

The complexities and demands of packaging lines today are pushed even higher to achieve greater through-puts for the ever increasing Market demand on products. Plant operations are required to achieve more with less, and within a limited plant footprint. More production throughput requires greater flexibility and control of product flow. Product lane divert mechanisms as well as squeeze gates are a few examples where Kraken can implement to be able to divert product to several lanes or other areas of the packaging operation to feed other packaging systems. This together with squeeze and stop gates allow product flow and trafficking to address accumulation and product merge requirements that may be needed on that packaging line. Check out our other Custom Case Orientation Solutions.

Product Lane Diverter with Accumulation Applications







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