Sweep Transfer System - Packaging Automation at its Finest

System Highlights

  • 220 CPM (Cans Per Minute) on single infeed transfer lane
  • Single axis system (per infeed lane)
  • Compact transfer footprint space 6’ X 3’ X 4’ (based on cartoner bucket infeed elevation)
  • Integral high-speed can insertion stager to always load a can when a mated bag or pouch is present (no-bag, no-can)
  • Guaranteed singulated-can delivery from upstream bidirectional accumulation table using Kraken configured magnetic infeed conveyor
  • Easy sweep alignment and homing with mated cartoning machine
  • Operator interface for product selection, system controls, and alarm display
  • Controls and operator interface configured to customer standards

Sweep Transfer System Video

Kraken's Sweep Transfer System - An Industry-Leading Automated Packaging System

The Kraken KCSIT-220 is a unique mated-product infeed system that reliably feeds and inserts mixed, non-matching components into cartons or packets at high speeds. This system is the best on the market today. We are proud to optimize our customer’s packaging system operations while maintaining their zero-loss manufacturing mandates. This high speed can infeed and transfer system can singulate, deliver, and mate cans with other bagged or pouched product at rates of up to 220 cans/min. Moreover, our parallel-mounted, speed-matched, can-sweep system is equipped with a specialized staging assembly to load cans with a ‘no-bag, no-can’ guarantee, only delivering cartons or packets to downstream packaging operations when cans and their mate bags or pouches are both present. See all of the Infeed Transfer Systems available.

Sweep Transfer System Applications


Canned Fruit fillings


Canned Fish

canned-food (1)

Canned Meats


Canned Vegetables

canned-food (2)

A wide range of added-component canned products

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