Wrap Up To 220 Products/min with the Infeed and Stacker/Collator

System Highlights

  • 110 frozen, wrapped PPM
  • Up to 220 products/min achievable when multiple infeed system lanes are configured
  • 3-axis system (per infeed lane)
  • Compact transfer footprint space 3’ X 3’ X 5’ (based on cartoner bucket infeed elevation)
  • Two-stage infeed conveyor assembly providing consistent product delivery and staging to collation area
  • Three-stage collation gate array providing a range of package counts per customer requirements (2–6 count)
  • Integral product tamping and squaring mechanisms to ensure repeatable package transfer
  • Pneumatic product transfer shock containment to prevent bounce back during transfer
  • Operator interface for product selection, system controls, and alarm display
  • Controls and operator interface configured to customer standards

Infeed and Stacker/Collator Video

Boost Your Business with our Fast and Reliable Collator Machine

Frozen Product Collation and Transfer

Kraken Automation’s KSI3T-110 Infeed and 3-Stage Collation/Transfer System is a versatile system engineered to deliver, pre-collate, and transfer frozen wrapped product synchronously to a cartoner infeed system. Each Product Infeed/Collation/Transfer System can achieve speeds of 110 infeed products per minute, or 220 per minute on a single cartoning machine configured with two infeed and collating/transfer lanes. Using a vertical array of high-speed, motion-controlled collation gates, frozen wrapped products can be gradually collated and squared to a given pack format in counts ranging from 2-6 packets. The specified number of packets, based on product thickness and customer requirements, is prepared for synchronous transfer to a continuous motion packaging system (cartoner). Product sizes up to 8” square are easily handled and larger sizes are feasible based on reviewed system modifications. Moreover, our Collation and Transfer Systems are capable of high-speed controlled stops and re-starts via motion-controlled collation gates featuring integral two-stage infeed belt arrangements. Kraken’s innovative collation and transfer systems offer consistent, repeatable product delivery with zero loss operation. Check out Kraken’s other Cartoner Infeed Products.

Infeed and Stacker/Collator Applications

meat (1)

Frozen foods, such as wrapped product, trays, and bags.

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