Kraken Automation: Innovators In Automated Packaging Systems & Automated Conveyor Systems

Since 1988, Kraken Automation has been an innovator in the packaging automation industry, and well-known for its expertise in developing customized solutions that solve the most complex packaging challenges. Based on its extensive design and build capabilities, and intellectual property, Kraken has developed a number of “turnkey” solutions that reduce the time, expense, and risk associated with building automation systems from scratch. Examples of its off-shelf-technology are divertersinfeed systems, and accumulators.

Turnkey Packaging Solutions & Innovative Conveyor Systems



Kraken Consulting Services

New Technology Evaluation

Kraken Automation helps manufacturers test and evaluate line automation technology before investments are made in purchasing the technology.

Line Layout Planning and Design

Kraken Automation assists manufacturers in developing a layout and automation technology plan designed to meet throughput and performance objectives from day one.

Troubleshooting and Problem Resolution

Kraken Automation has expertise in troubleshooting automation line problems such as inefficiencies and bottlenecks. We work to identify the problem and where it’s occurring by inspecting the whole system.

Our Approach to Packaging Automation Development

Kraken's Packaging Automation Development Process
Based on over thirty years of industry experience, Kraken Automation has developed a tried and proven Packaging Automation Development Process that includes all the critical steps required to ensure projects meet or exceed customer expectations:
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