Automated Packaging Line Layout Planning

Line Layout Design Example

Kraken Automation assists manufacturers in developing packaging automation line layouts that are designed to meet throughput and performance KPIs.

The process starts by considering the manufacturer’s objectives and initial conceptual drawings, and then developing an approach that is optimized for performance, safety, and on-going maintenance.

Kraken performs in-depth on-site analysis using tools such as laser measurement and 3D imaging to identify potential interferences such as columns and sprinkler systems. Kraken also considers environmental conditions such as humidity, temperature, and space restrictions that could impact overall packaging line performance.

This detailed and comprehensive approach results in line layouts that maximize productivity, reliability, safety, ergonomics, and ease of cleaning and maintenance.

Line Layout Planning and Design Process

  • Conduct a detailed review of line requirements and performance targets
  • Perform a detailed review of the physical facility – layout, restrictions, etc.
  • Identify safety, maintenance and cleaning requirements

Line Layout Planning and Design Process Deliverables

  • Detailed packaging automation line layout plan
  • Recommended technology
  • Description of integration requirements
  • Budget and project plan to implement recommended automation solution

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