New Packaging Automation Technology Implementation Strategy

Kraken Automation helps manufacturers test and evaluate packaging automation technology before investments are made.

The intent is to make sure the right technology is purchased and deployed – eliminating the risk of performance deficiencies and additional costs once the machinery is installed.

During the evaluation process, the technology is assessed from various perspectives:

  1. Does the machinery meet the performance and productivity requirements (KPIs)?
  2. How does the machinery fit into the existing physical environment?
  3. How will the machinery work with existing automation systems (communication, electrical and mechanical handshaking)?
  4. Does the machinery meet or exceed safety and reliability standards?
  5. How will the machinery be serviced if there are problems?

New Technology Evaluation Process

  • Overall evaluation of technology based on requirements and performance targets
  • Comprehensive Factory Acceptance Testing
  • Induced Failure Testing
  • Evaluate how technology will work with other/existing packaging automation components
  • Risk Assessment

Automation Implementation Strategy Deliverables

  • Recommendations on whether to purchase the equipment
  • Detailed explanation of potential risks
  • Summary of alternative approaches

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