3 to 1 Lane Merge Conveyor System

System Highlights

productivity up

Can achieve high speed throughput


Provides lane balancing and optimal system preformance

Tabletop conveyors transport product between operations

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The Merge Conveyor is equipped with sensors that detect carton jams and backed-up product

3 to 1

Three lanes, each configured with six staging modules, allow for greater speeds and increased throughput

Kraken's 3 to 1 Merge Systems in Action

Additional Information on Kraken's 3 to 1 Lane Merge Conveyor System

The high speed 3 to 1 merge system is capable of merging 300 products per minute.

Primary Components for Kraken's 3 to 1 Lane Merge System

3 Lane Infeed System

The aluminum frame is guarded by panels over motorized and belt transmission areas to prevent personnel injury. An overhead structure supports and houses photosensors used to detect pouches, one per stage.

The Staging module utilizes regularly-spaced o-rings in grooved shafts to act as the main transport surface for pouched product.

Each of staging modules allows product to pass from the upstream to the downstream modules only when a photoeye, in conjunction with a pre-programmed algorithm, indicates that the module immediately downstream is empty. If not, product is slowed or stopped until all of the necessary conditions have been met. In this way, the system ensures error-free packaging by eliminating empty or over-stuffed cartons.

Three of the discharge modules are activated based on a first come, first serve basis, and remain activated for a short time period to allow proper transfer of the products onto the merge discharge conveyor.

Merge Conveyor Module

The merge conveyor module accepts product released by the 3-lane x 6-stage indexing infeed and guides them towards the center discharge conveyor. The Merge Conveyor is equipped with sensors that detect carton jams and has the ability to accumulate products.

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3 to 1 Lane Merge Conveyor System Applications

Bag-in-box products

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