Merge and Distribute with Ease Using Kraken's Lane Product Balancer System

System Highlights

  • Product merging or distribution at rates from 150 up to 400 units/min
  • High speed product gating system, allowing product routing for closely spaced (minimum gap of 1”) product in transit
  • Simple, rugged machine concept using tabletop conveyor
  • Machine framing available in extruded aluminum or stainless steel construction
  • Apply a variety integrated industry accepted controls
  • Additional options for extended sanitary applications

See Kraken's Lane Product Balancer System in Action

Kraken's Lane Product Balancer System is the Answer to Merging and Distributing Products

From a product merging and redistribution standpoint, the KLB03-200 is the answer to selecting, diverting, and merging product on high-speed production lines where proper product phasing and gapping is crucial. The KLB03-200’s multiplexing functionality is achieved when it diverts product from one or more source lane(s), then redistributes the product to one or more destination lane(s): selecting, diverting, and merging at measured intervals to ensure correct product interlacing following gapped placement. Correct gapping and interlacing effectively allows for increased production in that the downstream machines are kept evenly stocked with product. The speed of upstream feeder stations, due to lack of stoppages, can now be incrementally increased; this allows for an increase in throughput without any significant additional expenditures required. View all of the Case and Carton Orientation Systems that we offer at Kraken Automation.

Lane Product Balancer System Applications


Cereal bags


Cracker slugs

tray (1)

Frozen food trays


Small to medium size cartons

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