Carton and Case Turners - Conveyor Box Turner Systems

System Highlights

  • Our Conveyor Box Turners can reach speeds of 30-70 cases per minute depending on size
  • Can convey varying carton or case sizes on the same line without need of changeovers

Kraken's Conveyor Case Turner and Flipper Systems in Action

Additional Carton/Case Turner Info

The KSCT/30-70 Carton and Case Turner provides configurable orientation on a case size by case size basis at a rate of 30 CPM. Case sizes range from 52 to 127 cubic inches. In specific applications, we have achieved as much as 70 CPM with 9” cartons. A uniquely engineered design, Kraken’s Conveyor Box Turner System was developed in its first application to orient 13 case sizes on the same line. Due to incorporating a retractable star-wheel, the KSCT/30-70 can convey varying carton or case sizes on the same line without need for changeovers. When the star-wheel is extended, it orients the case/carton using pre-programmed recipe instructions. When retracted (below the conveyor rollers), cases not in need of turning pass over the retracted star-wheel; hence their current orientation is preserved. Carton and case size selection are made on the HMI. See more of Kraken’s Carton Orientation products.

Carton/Case Turner Applications


Cases of all sizes

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