2 to 1 Lane Merge System - Achieve Efficient Conveyor Systems

System Highlights

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Merge conveyor can achieve high speed throughput


Provides lane balancing and optimal system preformance

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Independent drives and sensors allow products to merge seamlessly without colliding with one another

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Our integrated control system works with upstream and downstream signals to allow for automatic startup, shut down and recovery modes without operator support.

Kraken's 2 to 1 Merge Conveyor Systems in Action

Kraken's 2 to 1 Lane Merge System - Our Industry-Leading Sorting Conveyor

2 to 1 merge conveyor system

System provides interposing delivery of various types and styles of products to case packers, carton closers, robotic loading system etc.

The 2 to 1 Merge System accepts filled, open, narrow-edge-leading pouches from the upstream tube handling/conveying system. The pouches are conveyed to the Pouch-in-Box Cartoner via two parallel 100 PPM streams (together, a 200 PPM rate).

The system conveys the cartons from the Tube Handling to the Index and Merge Unit via a lower conveyor, where staging occurs to match carton delivery to merged pouch delivery (number of pouches merged depends on number of pouches to pack into each carton).

The merged pouches are packed to the carton, which then shuttles downstream to the carton top close system.

The benefit of a Kraken 2 to 1 merge system is to capture randomly spaced products and automatically meter them  into  individual lanes. The control system identifies the position and sets up the required timing to release products so they end up in a single lane without causing jams

Primary Components for Kraken's 2 to 1 Lane Merge Conveyor System

Conveying System

Tabletop conveyors transport cartons and product pouches (or tubes) between the tube handling systems and the infeed indexing modules. Conveyor systems are segregated to suit the required product inflow speeds and gapping requirements, and are usually comprised of two parallel lanes.

All conveyors can also be configured to change elevations to transport under and around dry-room access platforms.

2 Lane Infeed System

Two parallel lanes are configured with four staging modules. The aluminum frame is guarded by panels over motorized and belt transmission areas to prevent personnel injury. An overhead structure supports and houses photosensors used to detect pouches, one per stage.

The Staging module utilizes regularly-spaced o-rings in grooved shafts to act as the main transport surface for pouched product.

Each of four identical staging modules allows product to pass from the upstream to the downstream modules only when a photoeye, in conjunction with a pre-programmed algorithm, indicates that the module immediately downstream is empty. If not, product is slowed or stopped until all of the necessary conditions have been met. In this way, the system ensures error-free packaging by eliminating empty or over-stuffed cartons.

Merge Conveyor Module

The merge conveyor module accepts product (pouches) released by the 2-lane x 4-stage indexing infeed and guides them towards the center discharge conveyor. The Merge Conveyor is equipped with sensors that detect carton jams and accumulated (backed-up) product between the Bag-in-Box Cartoner and the downstream Carton Closer.

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2 to 1 Lane Merge Conveyor System Applications

Bag-in-box products
Open and closed cartons
Cases and trays

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