Our One of a Kind Accumulator Refeed Transfer System

System Highlights

  • Speeds of up to 300 PPM
  • Easy assembly—plug and play design
  • Standalone control system
  • User-friendly with low maintenance
  • Remote local positioning systems adaptable to new or existing control architectures
  • Infeed metal detection and/or check weighing of product with defect reject
  • Custom product collation and insertion assemblies (fitted to transfer section of KPART-300/50) to present product bundles for intermittent motion cartoners
  • Configurable accumulation storage based on a variable ceiling heights (standard configuration of 50 product items)

Watch Our Unique Product Transfer System in Action

The Accumulator Refeed Transfer System is Designed for Cartoners

Single-Lane System

The Kraken KPART-300/50 Accumulator-Refeed Transfer Packaging System is the first of its kind on the market today and can be designed for manual or automatic refeed, depending on your requirements. The KPART-300/50 is uniquely suited for cartoner infeed bucket systems for bag-in-box operations where orphaned or single product displacement occurs, resulting either from misfeed or system rejection. Products that would have otherwise been wasted with no way of reintegration back into the system down-line because of process limitations, safety hazards, and pinch points regulated by OSHA can now be solved by the Kraken Accumulator Refeed Transfer System. This system meets all OSHA requirements and allows you to refeed products safely, quickly, and efficiently back into your automation process. With the KPART-300/50 you will realize immediate cost savings and process efficiency through reject product recovery that would have otherwise been lost. You can depend on the KPART-300/50 system to reintegrate product back into a cartoner infeed at speeds of up to 300 units per minute (50 at a time). Thanks to SERVO technology with pre-engineered programming and testing, the Kraken KPART-300/50 system will reintegrate your product with repeatable, precise placement every time. Check out more of Kraken’s accumulator and refeed systems.

Accumulator Refeed Transfer System Applications


“Bag-in-box” multi pack applications

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