Product Inspection and Stacker/Collator

System Highlights

  • Total solution with fully automated product detection vision and reject system with product stacker
  • Reach speeds of up to 100 PPM (products per minute)
  • Versatile technology easily applied to a wide range of products and industries
  • Portable/modular system and easily integrated into existing plant processes
  • Stainless-steel food grade design
  • Best suited as an economical solution where product stacking might be required and current processes used are manual labor cost intensive
  • Small footprint requirement

The Kraken KPFS/VS-100 Product Inspection and Stacker is a flexible, economical automation solution to avoid costly manual packaging processes. It’s ideal for multi-pack scenarios and can be applied to a broad range of products and industry applications.

Our product stacking solution has a very small footprint requirement and incorporates a vision system for product quality (product image detection) as well as air blow-off.

Stacking foods such as frozen pizzas

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