Kraken Automation employs a comprehensive range of robotic systems, solutions, and integration services into your robotic palletizer or robotic depalletizer solutions.

Our palletizing systems incorporate any one of a variety of industry-leading robots sourced from top manufacturers like ABB, GE, Fanuc, Motomann, and others, equipped with end effectors most suited to the requirements of your particular application.

Additional equipment upgrades that can be added to your custom-tailored robotic palletizing machine to ensure it meets and exceeds your needs are:

  • Integrated vision systems
  • Pick-and-place machines
  • Bag, clamp, fork, case, vacuum, and sheet or pallet placement style end effectors for the robotic gantry

Also included in our solutions line-up are industrial robotic systems intended for heavy-duty pick-and-place or palletizing system operations.

These robotic palletizers – or conversely, robotic depalletizers – can handle a variety of payload, reach, and axis requirements and are available in optional floor, wall-mounted, or suspended versions depending upon your space availability for system footprint.

Heavy-Duty Robotic Palletizers and Depalletizing Systems

Fanuc, one of our preferred robotics suppliers, offers an extremely effective solution for heavy duty applications.

The Fanuc M-410iWW palletizing robot is an extra heavy-duty electric servo-driven industrial palletizing robot designed for a wide variety of manufacturing and palletizing operations. The robot is plinth-mounted and it comes with gripping tools designed for bottle boxes. This 4-axis robot M-410i WW has a hollow wrist for internally routed cables and hoses, which reduces cable snags and breakages.

The Fanuc M-410iWW offers a high payload capability (to a maximum 400 kg), and has been used very successfully in the automotive, brick, and beverage material handling marketplace segments. It has proven effective in layer palletizing and heavy product palletizing including beverage, brick, and building materials, steel/wire handling, and barrel/drum handling. The M-410iWW achieves comparable cycle rates with other robotic and non-robotic palletizers with lower payload capability, while offering increased flexibility.

To complement the Fanuc robotic palletizer, Kraken Automation can design a full automation retrofit and controls package integrating this robot into your existing palletizing machine. Your new, modernized and fully automated robotic palletizing machine will give you the production numbers you need.

Robotic Controls Package

Kraken’s state-of-the-art controls package transforms your old packaging system into a fully automated, easy-to-use, robotic depalletizer or palletizer. We can integrate a wide variety of controls packages; for example, an Allen Bradley Compact Logix PLC equipped with a PanelView Plus 600 Color touch screen.

All of our robotic depalletizer/palletizer controls packages include touch-screen user-friendly interfaces. The touch-screens allow operators to make pattern additions and modifications, adjust PLC timers and VFD speeds, store up to 300 case patterns (including mixed loads), and they also act as feedback display terminals to relay important information, including detailed alarm data.

At Kraken, we provide and program the most advanced and user-friendly controls packages available for palletizers today. You tell us what you need, and we provide it.

Palletizer/Depalletizer Retrofit Controls Package

Kraken can increase your production throughput, reduce your labor costs, and decrease or eliminate the waste production on your system by rebuilding and retrofitting your existing palletizer/depalletizer.

If your palletizer/depalletizer is old, out-of-date, inefficient, and based on manual operations that introduce the possibility for human error and waste – no problem! Kraken’s palletizer/depalletizer controls retrofit package will transform and modernize your equipment in the most effective way possible.

Contact us to review your packaging automation challenges and requirements.


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