Bulk Product Handling System

System Highlights

  • Motion-controlled delivery system to transport product from a filler to a case control and loading system
  • Multiple component options to meet your specific bulk handling needs
  • All components meet sanitary requirements
  • Each lane of the bulk handling equipment has its own metal detector used to detect metal contaminants within the bucket conveyor
kths-100Kraken’s KTHS-100 Bulk Product Handling System is a motion-controlled delivery system to transport product from a filler to a case control and loading system. The presentation of the product from the filler to the transport system and the delivery/loading of cases are both profiled, intermittent motion actions; the product transport from the filler area to the case loading area is a continuous motion system.

Five bulk handling equipment components in the KTHS-100 work in concert to provide bulk product handling:

All components of the KTHS-100 meet sanitary requirements.

Tube Chute Module

The quick-connect Tube Chute Module accepts 10 vertically-oriented tubes in 5 pairs from the intermittent motion filler at 50 cycles per minute. Each lane of the chute is configured to match the required pitch of the racetrack train pockets.

Racetrack Module

The Racetrack Module, constructed on a high-pressure, washdown-rated stainless steel frame, contains 2 Horizontal Racetrack Conveyors – each 56” long and 10” wide. One train per axis contains 5 pockets per. Pockets are pitched to accept 4 tubes per pocket for a total of 20 tubes per train from the Tube Chute Module. The train presents the 20 tubes to a split bucket on the continuous motion Tube Bucket Conveyor Module, distributing 4 tubes per bucket conveyor pocket.

Tube Bucket Conveyor Module

The Tube Bucket Conveyor Module is a high-pressure, washdown-rated stainless steel continuous motion bucket conveyor with 3” tall bucket flights. The TB conveyor transports tubes deposited by the Tube Racetrack Module to the Tube Drop Gate Module. The conveyor’s flight pitch, configured in a repeated fashion every 4”, routes through a series of straight sections, one vertical incline, and then level to a pivot section at the Rotary Drop Gate Module. A pivoting discharge section allows tubes to be loaded to the Rotary Drop Gate Module at different heights per case variation.

Rotary Drop Gate Module

The Rotary Drop Gate Module, a stainless steel transfer system, receives tubes (wide side leading), contains, delivers, and evenly deposits the transferred tubes in groups of 20 to a carton below. The transfer system is mechanically integrated with the Continuous Motion Bucket Conveyor to provide a single point of height adjustment that will accommodate variations in case construction to within +/- .75”.

Case Loading Module and Carton/Case Indexer

The Case Loading Module, a stainless steel conveyor system, delivers open and formed cartons (wide side leading) to the Load Tubes position underneath the Rotary Drop Gate Module. Once the prescribed number of tubes are deposited, the Case Loading Module indexes the filled case towards the downstream closing system.

The load indexing segment of the module is configured with a dual strand 2-inch wide conveyor to positively drive each empty case to a pair of stop pins. The stop pins are timed with the sequence to hold the empty case at the pre-load stop pins position until the case in front, on the loading conveyor, exits (when filled, towards the downstream closing system).

Line Case Handling System Module

The Case Handling System Module receives empty cases from the case former and collates them between Lane E and Lane F based on demand. Cases are presented to the loading zones via multiple pneumatic devices.

Metal Detection System

Each lane of the bulk handling equipment has its own metal detector used to detect metal contaminants within the bucket conveyor (external or internal to the yogurt tubes).

If metal is detected, the bulk material handling system has an automatic reject at the rotary drop section. Because many bulk product handling systems package food products, the metal detection system is a must-have add-on to prevent contaminated product from shipment and eventual customer possession.

Bulk Handling Equipment Sanitation for Food Products

The following features are purpose-designed into the Kraken KTHS-100 to ensure the line exceeds sanitary requirements:

  • The Horizontal Racetrack Conveyor Module is movable in the forward direction for normal operation, and backwards for cleaning (and to provide access to the continuous motion Tube Bucket Conveyor Module below).
  • The Tube Chute Module has articulating motion to allow access in the cleaning position.
  • Each Racetrack train has two hinged platform plates and one sliding plate to allow safe, open access to train assembly for cleanout. The safety monitored plate, via mechanical interlocking, is always the first to be lifted in a safe stop and the last to be closed before a safe start.
  • Yogurt tubes
  • Frozen foods
  • Sauces
  • Baked goods
  • Snacks (chips, bags of peanuts, etc.)
  • Coffee

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