Vertical Cartoner Pick-Head

Kraken’s Vertical Cartoners offer a viable solution for bag-in-box packaging systems, particularly when the system footprint must be kept tight due to floor space constraints. We can customize our cartoners to suit your specific application.

Our metal detection systems are the fail-safe way to prevent embarrassing and potentially harmful unintentional inclusions to your packaged products. Rejects can be discharged to dead-end conveyor belt branches to force manual reintroduction of product following reject corrective action.

Kraken’s vertical packaging machines can also be retrofitted to your existing packaging systems to upgrade manual loading of components to fully automated vertical loading systems.

Not only can Kraken Automation design and implement an effective vertical cartoning machine to fit whatever limited space you have, our vertical cartoners can also be equipped with an array of products (and services) that provide seamless integration to upstream and downstream packaging systems.

Contact us to review your packaging automation challenges and requirements.


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