1 to 2 Lane Divert and Reject System

System Highlights

• High speed automatic adjustable guide rail system
• System takes random single lane of products to multiple lanes
• System is capable of functioning as a reject system, lane balancer, diverter, and merge system
• Divert product in single or multiple counts
• Standalone plug and play system (120v ac power and compressed air quick connect)
• Adjustable setup for fast integration with existing line operations
• Intuitive HMI with built-in recipe selection

divert-240Kraken Automation’s product diverters and lane balancers can be sized to meet multiple product sizes and rate ranges, including bottles, small and medium cartons, trays, and more.

Originally developed for the bottling industry, product diverters (particularly diverter conveyor systems) were comprised of 7 to 10 independently-driven guides that allowed for guiding of product with minimal separation. In the bottling industry, conveyor diverters gently rejected bottles that did not pass inspection to a reject lane, accomplishing this rejection without causing the bottles to fall from their vertical positions.

  • Bottling
  • Cartons
  • Trays

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