Divert and Merge Systems

Kraken Automation’s product diverters and merge systems can be sized to meet your specific product requirements.

Product Diverters

Our Product Diverters provide directional change capability to your systems, allowing your system to change the direction of a portion of continuous product flow. If, for example, your product is packaged in multiple carton-size configurations, you can divert some product for packaging to a 2-per box carton packaging system and some product to a 12-per-pack packager.

Kraken’s product diverters can be supplied as tabletop diverters or they can be incorporated into conveyor systems as conveyor diverters, possessing the capability through drawbridge-style systems to divert product to one or multiple upper conveyor lanes, or alternately, to one or more lower lanes when a drawbridge opens or closes.

Your product can be packaged and ship-ready at the speed it is produced.

Product Merging Systems

Double or triple your packaging system’s pouch or bag handling speeds with the addition of a Kraken merging system.

Our ‘pouch-in-a-box’ cartoners accept filled, open product – in pouches – from upstream tube handlers and conveyors, and transfer them to and from multiple lanes to single and/or multiple lane indexers that work to facilitate product staging. Once properly gapped for the packaging operation to follow, Product Merge systems merge pouches from (for example) two streams of 30 PPM to one stream of 60 PPM.

Material merging at speeds of 120 PPM or more are achievable, depending on your package and gap size specifications, as well as the production rate of your downstream packers.

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