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Product Stacker with Vision, Detect/Reject Feeder System Ideal for multi-pack product applications    

So versatile, can be applied to a variety of industries

The Kraken KPFS/VS-100 product stacker is a fully automated
system designed to operate at up to 100 ppm and comes complete with a vision system for product image detection as well as an air blow-off or other product rejection system as might be required for the specific Product application.

The example shown on this page allowed for a two frozen pizza package format, wrapped in cellophane, measuring 5 inches in diameter each and joined side by each in the center with a total overall length of 10”. This system allowed for the stacking of either two or three high pizza stacks that were then staged for a case packing operation down-line.

System Features and Benefits:

  • Ideal for multi-pack for a variety of products
  • Economical, innovative solution with minimal footprint requirement
  • Fully automated and best suited to replace labor intense applications where product must be manually examined or stacked for packing
  • Stainless steel food grade design
  • Portable/modular design that is easily integrated into existing processes

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