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Single, Small to Large Pouch/Bag Infeed and
Transfer Systems for Cartoners

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Maximizing Cartoning Systems

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Infeed & Transfer Systems

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High Speed Accumulator

"Bag-in-box” cartoning is a packaging technique used throughout a number of industries, predominantly in food manufacturing facilities. Cartoning and product bagging machines are for the most part standardized and time tested. The issues in many of these integrated systems however, lies in the transferring of bags filled with product top the travelling buckets of the cartoning machine.

Kraken Automation’s infeed and transfers systems for product handling of bagged or pouched products for bag-in-box applications are the best systems available on the market. They are industry tested and proven for a comprehensive range of products and formats such as cereal, pasta, spice seasoning, chocolate mix, potato, rice etc. Our innovative product feed systems are key in optimizing packaging systems between baggers, pouchers, flow wrappers to cartoners and case packing operations.

Typical Infeed Transfer system for single or multi component cartoning requirements.

Our systems are engineered and capable to address a wide variety of other product formats other than bags and pouches and include food trays, bar products, frozen foods, meat, dairy etc. ( Contact Kraken for your specific applications and requirements.


High Speed Accumulator, Indexer Transfer System, KAIT-120 (120PPM)

Handles random fed pouches and replaces manual pouch handling

Kraken Automation has developed some of the fastest, most efficient, reliable intelligent product feeding, accumulation and distribution systems available on the market today.

The Kraken KAIT-120 is a cost effective product feeding system which utilizes motion control roller infeeds with multi stages that work synchronously to adjust speeds to launch products travelling through the product accumulator buffering area into the launch target (transfer paddles). This system incorporates product feed intelligence that accepts random fed products from baggers, pouchers and flow wrappers and feeds them consistently on pitch and into the required target each and every time. This system is engineered to handle a variety of product formats; from pouches, & bags, to bars, trays, square, rectangular, circular/disk shaped products etc.

(This system can also be engineered to handle twin and multi-pouch Infeed and transfer requirements)

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Servo Smart-Belt Infeeds & Transfers

The Multiple Bagger, High Speed, Smart Infeed and
Transfer System.

Gone are the days when heavily mechanical transferring machines such as slide gates and sweeps were necessary for cartoner loading. These are the days of Servo technology, with Kraken Automation Inc. ahead of the field with innovative, fast precision packaging infeed delivery and transfer systems

KRAKEN KSBIT-240 Servo Smart-Belt Infeed Transfer System
The key advantage of the KSBIT-240 is its ability to manage product from multiple bagger at high transfer rates through a single servo smart belt transfer system thereby eliminating the need and the costs for individual transfers for each bagger. The KSBIT-240 is an all inclusive system package complete with controls capable of accepting product randomly delivered and conveying 240, 18” long bags per minute, synchronous with the transfer mechanism and eliminating wait time in the transfer system.



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Multiple bagger with multiple infeed and transfer system incorporating sweeps or slidegates.


Feed Diagram Before

Multiple Bagger with KRAKEN Single Servo Infeed and Transfer System


Feed Diagram After


KRAKEN KSBGI, Servo Smart-Belt Product Gapper Infeed System - Ideal Infeed Product Placement System for Case Packing Applications

The KRAKEN KSBGI Smart-Belt Product Gapping Infeed system provides end users with the ability to provide repetitive precision placement and conveying of bagged or cartoned product, regardless of the packaging material used.

The smart-belt infeed system for case packing applications comes in a two lane dual direction design and can be easily integrated with the full line of case packing systems available from Kraken Automation.
(See Case Packing for the full line of KRAKEN Case Packers)

Typical System Features:
  • Ability to gap product at rates up to 150 products per minute (ppm) (with bag length of 8")
  • Can smart gap product with 3.5:1 size turndown ratio. Larger size turndown ratios to 5:1 are available with enhanced smart gapper conveyor design.
  • Provide a repeatable gap variation to within +/- " using properly formed bags.
  • Air accumulation infeed to smart gaper conveyor provides frictionless accumulation of product for controlled stoppages and conveying recovery.
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Standard, Industry Robust Infeed & Transfer Systems KSIT/MD-100 (With metal detection integrated)

This system can work completely as a standalone, “plug & play” or can be fully integrated into an existing carton packaging line-up. Because of its ease of assembly production start-up can be in less than one day. Fully tested and field proven the Kraken KSIT/MD-100 has a transfer rate of up to 150 bags per minute on a single machine. The system highlighted in the video shows it complete with integrated metal detection.

“With KSIT-100, together with the complete family of infeed and transfer systems are best in class, proven technology that will achieve your bag/pouch infeed and transfer requirements. The KSIT-100 is the latest in industry robust and proven high speed, servo transfer technology available on the market today.


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Kraken KSITP-80 Standard Infeed and Transfer with Pass-through (product by-pass feature) System

This system offers end users the ability to deliver and transfer bagged product in single pack mode synchronous to a cartoner infeed system or, where alternate hand packing or bag conveying is required, divert the product via a by-pass though to the downstream handling systems.

( The Kraken KAIT-120 Accumulator, Indexer Transfer system also can be engineered to handle twin and multi pouch infeed requirements…this all dependent on pouch sizes, speeds and applications).


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Large Bag, Heavy Duty Infeed and Transfer Systems (Manage Heavy Loads, Mesh/Paper & Plastic Bags- 25.5 Kg.)

Ideal for Chemical, Food Additives, Spices, Concrete Pet Food, Farming, Grain, Bag Handling Applications!

Heavy-duty infeed and transfer systems ideally suited for robotic palletizing operations with material handling requirements for heavy mesh/paper/plastic bagged product. (Click here for Robotic Palletizing)

This unique bag transfer mechanism transfers heavy, mesh, paper or plastic bags from filler conveyors from (wide edge leading to the main trunk transport conveyor (narrow edge for robotic palletizing cells. These systems are a huge benefit to operations with manual labor for bag handling and will aid tremendously in reducing physical injuries prevalent in such work environments.

Some System Features:

  • Bag conveying system incorporating belt over roller center tracked (conveyors with belts wider than longer) and roller conveyors;
  • Control system providing bag routing capability from filling units to robotic palletizing cells etc.;
  • Handles a variety of heavy load mesh/paper/plastic bagged product of various sizes.

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