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Other Processing Systems

An overall processing system is always comprised on number of sub-processes, each providing a specific, but required function in the manufacturing of an end product.

These sub-processes, or other processing systems, are singular machines, or composites of various machines, designed and applied to perform a specific process task.

Examples of these as applied to baked or cereal food processes are:

  • Cooking or extrusion systems
  • Forming and cutting
  • Product Drying
  • Liquid additive preparation
  • Baking or forming (puffing)
  • Product analysis and sorting;
  • Final conditioning/preparation

Regardless of the application, Kraken can utilize its engineering and design services to select and specify specific equipment for discrete installations, or provide a complete turnkey, integrated system.

Kraken Automation has a diversified knowledgebase on a variety of processing systems and the related automation required to make these systems fully functional. In many instances, having an understanding of how to apply controls, instrumentation and equipment is not sufficient. An in-depth understanding of the process to which these are applied is required to properly implement the system, and realize the benefits of their application. This is the value Kraken brings to the forefront on material handling systems.

Some of the specific systems Kraken Automation has been involved in implementing, related to other processing systems are:

  • Cereal cooking and extrusion
  • Cereal pellet, pre/post coating application drying
  • Biscuit/bread dough preparation (batch/mixing)
  • Biscuit dough cutting and/or molding
  • Biscuit/bread dough proofing systems
  • Liquid slurry/coating preparation and application
  • Solid/liquid mass blending systems
  • Product classification and sorting
  • Cereal puffing systems

Cereal Dryer

Dough Cutter

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