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Kraken Automation, Material Handling Expertise that Span a Variety of Industries.

Material handling is a wide and varied subject applicable to all industries in some way, shape or form. Several manufacturing facilities utilize ingredients that are powdered and/or liquid in form, For example, in a cereal or bakery facility, a small sample of these materials would include flours (oat, rice of various types and grades), corn meals, salt, sugars (powdered or liquid fructose/glucose), wheat starches/germs, minerals, cream yeasts, etc. Furthermore, when entering a manufacturing process, these materials must be unloaded from external transport systems, retained in bulk storage facility, and finally drawn in metered amounts to specific process manufacturing units.
The methods ands means of handling these materials, be it conveying, conditioning and/or storage, will be dependent on material handled, the amount of usage, and the location of its application within a sub-process from the point of delivery.
Kraken Automation provides systems integration expertise, standalone or turnkey systems solutions for all of your material handling requirements.


  • Food – Bakery, Cereal
  • Pet Food, Plastics/Chemical, Natural Resource, Agriculture and Municipal.

Applicable Integrated Equipment:

Continuous Dense Phase Conveying
Modular Ingredient
Air Locks
Bin Vents
Pulse Jets
Diverter Valves
Bulk Storage

Pneumatic Blending
Systems Blowers
Batch Systems
Bulk Bag Handling
Particle Separation
Cyclone Collectors
Dillute Phase Conveying (Pressure & Vacuum)

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