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Kraken Automation Batching Expertise for Executing a Precise, Repetitive Sequence of Automated and/or Manual Tasks.

When a specific end product is to be fabricated from raw materials, batching systems is one of the initial process areas that formulate the end product from pre-configured recipes. The techniques used to dispense and weigh raw materials will vary depending on material type (i.e. solids or liquids), material attributes, and the amount to be be dispensed. Beyond the standard method of repetitive sequence of automated/manual tasks which include the unit addition of raw material ingredients, might include interjected steps of special procedures. These may include such tasks as mixing cycles, recirculation modes, hand additions, quality sampling, relaxation intervals and/or atmosphere purging. Whatever the customer requirement, the automation component for the batching system control must provide a common frame work of functionality, capable of being configured for either extreme or control rationale.

Kraken has over 18 years of automation experience in the area of batching systems incorporating solid and liquid batching processes. Our sound knowledgebase on equipment and automation specification, design and implementation can integrate batching processes with associated material handling systems to downstream processes. (i.e. mixing, cooking, extrusion, etc.) All concepts developed at Kraken Automation are designed with industry standards and regulations in mind.


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