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Kraken Metal Detection Integration Services

When it comes to metal detection and eliminating metal contamination from foods or products, Kraken Automation Inc. can help you integrate your metal detection device into your transfer system. Possibly you are looking to upgrade your system or expand your existing line and your current conveyor system will not fit your metal detection layout. Not a problem for Kraken as we can relieve you of those worries and can design conveyor/transfer systems that will accommodate any metal detection device on the market.
The base technologies for metal detection have not changed much over the past 30 years with a few improvements and tweaks. Today’s metal detectors offer easier programming and greater control and integration into data networks. Kraken can supply any of the popular lines like Safeline, Loma, Fortress or Goering/Kerr, or as specified.
The Kraken metal detection conveyor and transfer system is an open frame system with a clean esthetic design that allows for cleaning, minimizes dust accumulation and is completely enclosed for food environments. In conjunction, our system can accommodate a servo paddle reject device for suspect product. We also are able to integrate alarms in the event of reject or metal detector failure that will stop the conveyor belt immediately to meet plant quality control requirements.


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