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KRAKEN KSRC/MD-240 Servo-Reject and Conveying System

The KRAKEN Servo Reject System, model KSRC/MD-240 is an economical, low maintenance, “plug and play” design with a simple control architecture that is specifically suited for metal detection requirements with high transfer speeds. This case conveying system has a bag and transfer rate of up to 240 cartons per minute.

The KSRC/MD-240 with its open frame system and clean esthetic sanitary design is easy to clean, minimizes dust accumulation and is completely enclosed for food environments.
KRAKEN KSRC/MD-240 can accommodate a servo paddle carton reject system for suspect cartons (metal detected) and displaces air blow-off components that are unreliable at high speed operations that can result in the mishandling of your product. Metal detection can be fully integrated with alarms and in the event of reject or metal detector failure, will stop the conveyor belt immediately to meet plant quality control requirements.
Kraken Automation Inc. can integrate a variety of metal detection units available on the market today into your transfer system or build conveyors that can adapt to any metal detection device. (Metal detection device rebuild services also offered).

Repeatable, consistent and fast system operation, economical and quick turn around are the key advantages of the KRAKEN Servo-Reject and Conveying System, Model KSRC/MD-240.


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