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KRAKEN KSBGI, Servo Smart-Belt Product Gapper Infeed System- Ideal infeed product placement system for case packing applications

The KRAKEN KSBGI Smart-Belt Product Gapping Infeed system provides end users with the ability to provide repetitive precision placement and conveying of bagged or cartoned product, regardless of the packaging material used.

The smart - belt infeed system for case packing applications comes in a two lane dual direction design can be easily integrated with the full line of case packing systems available from Kraken Automation.

Typical System Features:

  • Ability to gap product at rates up to 150 products per minute (ppm) (with bag length of 8")
  • Can smart gap product with 3.5:1 size turndown ratio. Larger size turndown ratios to 5:1 are available with enhanced smart gapper conveyor design
  • Provide a repeatable gap variation to within +/- " using properly formed bags.
  • Air accumulation infeed to smart gaper conveyor provides frictionless accumulation of product for controlled stoppages and conveying recovery  


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