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KRAKEN KPART-300/50 Product Accumulator Refeed
and Transfer System

Kraken Automation is pleased to introduce the very first product Accumulator Refeed Transfer System on the market today. Uniquely suited for any carton infeed bucket system, bag-in-box operations where orphaned or single product displacement occurs, resulting either from miss-feed or system rejection. Products that would have otherwise been wasted with no way of reintegration back into the system downline because of process limitations, safety hazards and pinch points regulated by OSHA, can now be solved by the KRAKEN Accumulator Refeed and Transfer System.
The KRAKEN KPART-300/50 Accumulator Refeed and Transfer System meets all OSHA requirements and allows you to re-feed products safely, quickly and efficiently back into your automation process. With the KPART-300/50 you will realize immediate cost savings through output recovery that would have otherwise been lost in the process. Depend on our packaging system to reintegrate product back into a cartoner infeed at speeds of up to 300 units per minute. Other benefits of the system include: stand-alone control system, sanitary design, user-friendly with low maintenance.
The KPART-300/50 system can be offered with a complete remote or local positioning system and adapted to a variety of control architectures to suit customer company standards (PLC, operator interface, servos etc.).
(Because of product size variations and customer specific design requirements, system supplied may not be exactly as shown.)


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