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KRAKEN KCCO/S-30 Case Conveying and Orientation System

Kraken’s state-of-the art, high speed case conveying and orientation system is designed to accommodate a wide range of case sizes. The system provides configurable orientation on a case size by case size basis. This high speed case orientation system with built-in controls and operator interface can transfer at a rate of up to 30 cases per minute…the highest case speed orientation system available on the market today. Case sizes can range from 52 to 127 cubic inches.
Case orientation is achieved by first in industry, Kraken automatic retractable ‘Star-Wheel’ Case Flipper (KSCF-30) . This unique engineering design, the first in the industry, was recently developed by Kraken Automation to meet customer requirements, accommodating 13 types of case sizes. Cases can be conveyed on the same conveying line at any given time without the requirement of a new set-up or time consuming changeover. The Star-Wheel’s cousin, the Table Case Flipper (KTCF-10), turns up to 10 cases per minute.

The KRAKEN KCCO/S-30 system allows for a zero-time changeover process. Further, this system offers dependable, repeatable system operation.



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