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Kraken Automation introduces its comprehensive line of case packing,
erectors and sealers line

Kraken Automation recently added to its family of packaging automation solutions arsenal a comprehensive line of Case Packers, Erectors & Sealers. Kraken has also gone further to develop a versatile delivery infeed system for its Case Packing line which optimizes the entire pick and place case packing operation. You therefore not only get a case packing machine but a totally integrated functioning system.

Our packaging line of Case Packers, Erectors and Sealers represent the most rugged, economical value solutions available on the market. Offering a marriage of both simple technology, to more complex servo type performances, all are based on customer end-use requirements.

With Kraken Automation’s advancements and success with Transfer and Infeed systems, we have been able to optimize the throughput efficiency of Case Packing operations. By applying smart delivery and product gapping systems we are able to work in sync with multi-merge conveying and accumulation applications to precision place products exactly on time with case packers. Together with our Case Erectors and Sealers solutions, Kraken Automation is now able to deliver a formidable total solutions package for all case handling/management applications. For a complete understanding of the many innovative solutions and efficiencies available, contact Kraken Automation today.

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