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Complete Services Provided for System/Machinery Upgrades


  • Design engineering to convert older platforms to new.
  • Provision for a comprehensive set of electrical and component layout drawings.
  • Control panel upgrade by pre-assembly of panel backplates with required control components and wiring.
  • Upgrade of the existing machine position sensing devices to a high resolution, resolver unit, complete with interface card compatible with PLC platform (AMCI).
  • Complete cartoning system sensor upgrades to client/plant standards, complete with quick connection systems.
  • Incorporation of client defined OI (Operator Interface) or HMI ( Human Machine Interface) to provide operators with machine statuses, diagnostics and setup features.
  • Upgrade of safety switches and relays to meet OSHA compliance.
  • Barcode scanning systems for carton verification.


  • Where required, time-saving expertise for the replacement of chains, gears, gearboxes, rollers, cams and followers with new components.
  • When required, disassembly and removal of old system/machinery and relocation of cartoner.

Specialized upgrades of mechanical subsystems to enhance carton handling:

  • Rotary carton feeder.
  • Replacement of overhead sweeps to Kraken Servo based transfers, ensuring accurate, high speed bag transfer rates with reduced maintenance.
  • Installation of air knives to replace airframe blowers, eliminating motor and fan maintenance.
  • Conversions for alternate sizes/products and packaging line configurations.
  • Upgrade existing guarding to provide easier maintenance access and enhance machine appearance.

Other Services

  • Upgrade of mechanically timed assemblies with servo based technology.
  • Complete upgrade and control capabilities for ancillary cartoning equipment, such as side seam gluing systems, vertical elevators, carton belt or air conveying systems, carton belt or air conveying systems, case packing and robotic/mechanically tiered palletizing.
  • Coordination of machine upgrades, at Kraken or by providing Kraken personnel for on site supervision of various trades, or full Kraken Automation crew, capable of complete electrical and mechanical retrofits.
  • Comprehensive commissioning and training services for operations and maintenance personnel.
  • Line audits and assessment of cartoner operation to define upgrade requirements and target efficiencies.



Bag-in-Box Application


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