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Automation Programming & Configuration Services

Programming resources at Kraken Automation addresses a wide range of programming formats pertinent to the technology that the programming is applied to. Examples of Kraken Automation programming approaches are:

PLC Programming
PLC Programming is the utilization of pre-develop software tools by the PLC manufacturer to develop algorithms that will perform one, or a number of coordinated operations. Programming constructs are developed in a variety of formats, all conforming to an industry accepted standard, the IEC1131-3.

This standard allows programmers to develop code in six (6) possible ways:

  • Ladder Logic (LLD)
  • Sequential Function Chart (SFC)
  • Function Block Diagrams (FBD)
  • Structured Text Language (STL)
  • Instruction List Language (ILL)

Examples: Allen Bradley RSLogix5000, Modicon Unity Plus

Motion Control Programming
Motion control programming like PLC programming is the utilization of pre-develop software tools by the motion control products manufacturer to develop algorithms instructing the motion control devices to operate within specific movement profiles.

Examples: Allen Bradley RSLogix5000, Bosch Visualmotion 10

Script Languages
Script languages are code constructs that resemble Basic type instructions and are typically used in background type operations within larger configuration applications for HMI systems.

Examples: Wonderware Intouch scripts, RSView Studio scripts

Stored Procedures
Stored procedures are a form of scripting specific to performing automated operations with database applications. These scripts are programmed using SQL (Sequential Query Language) statements, and are portable to any database application supporting SQL constructs.

Examples Microsoft SQL Server stored procedures

High Level Languages
High level languages allow users to create applications that typically operate within PC based operating systems (i.e. MS Windows ME/2K/XP, Linux, QNx, etc.

Examples: Microsoft VisualBasic, Visual C++

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