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Top load, pick-and-place case packing is the most effective and flexible style of case packing automation. Our top load solutions apply innovative technology to deliver effective, easily operated and maintained systems that live within demanding production environments. Our systems can be engineered to whatever your product and top load requirements are.

Your Answer to High Speed Top Load Case Packing in a Small Footprint (8’ X 10’, 300 PPM / 25 CPM) Kraken KCP300-25

The main performance advantage of this top load case packing system is its ability to achieve higher throughputs by the simultaneous coordination of multiple moves and controls while introducing products into the cue pick position, and managing cases. All of this is achieved synchronously while securing flaps simultaneously, picking and placing products in a short time cycle and within a very small footprint. Our case packing system can be engineered with a single or dual gantry, 3 or 6 axis pick head system, and with single or dual product infeed with automatic case management.

The Kraken high speed case packing system is designed with the greatest flexibility and customization to handle a wide cross section of industry applications and product types/sizes as well as case sizes. This system is a viable alternative to larger footprint case packers for achieving higher throughputs. Further, application of flex-picker robotic pick and place systems to attain higher throughput, do not achieve a smaller foot print either.

Multi Chub Applications: Food- meat, vegetables, sauces dressings, cookie dough, chemical, explosives, caulking, sealants etc.


  • 300 PPM (25 cases) per minute
  • 6 axis, dual gantry or 3 axis, single gantry pick and place system
  • 8’ X 10’ foot print
  • Single or dual product infeed
  • Automatic case management system, (single of dual case handling)
  • 4” stainless steel frame and aluminum construction
  • System flexibility and customization to meet case dimensions and throughput requirements
  • Allen Bradley controls and operator interface
  • Single pick-head load capacity – 30 lbs

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Chub packing application shown


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