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High Speed Drop Load Case Packing in a Small Footprint (4’ X 12’) including infeed and Lane Diverter, 130 BPM / 20 CPM) Kraken KCP130-20

Achieving greater throughput and product handling within very limited footprints, multi product SKUs and at high speeds is a goal for many manufacturing facilities.

Kraken’s latest line engineering and integration of our very own design and manufactured drop-load case packing machine, along with insertion of case erector and conveyance, demonstrate the highest level of creativity, flexibility, and customization to meet and exceed customer's requirements .

Our recent high speed, small footprint case packing system, design and layout allow for an area for cases to be erected (two different case sizes and bottles) provide for product infeed and case conveyance, and then introduce cases to loader with correct loading orientation.

This was achieved in an area of just less than 400 sq feet for a recent customer. A huge challenge given the production throughput and machinery requirements for that space. Bottles are presented single file, feeding into a lane diverter system and four lane infeed accumulation area, batch loaded onto a dead plate and then drop loaded into cases. Loaded cases are then discharged and conveyed to a case sealer and palletizing. This system replaced an existing manual case erect and product load operation and took productivity and efficiency to new levels within the plant.

Multi product applications: Bottles of all sizes for food and beverage and house hold consumables. As well, stand up pouches.


  • 130 BPM / 20 CPM
  • 2 axis system – infeed diverter and drop gate.
  • Small footprint space 12’ X 6’ X 6’ footprint (drop packer and infeed accumulation)- depending on required rate and product.
  • Multi lane diverter, infeed collation (auto sensing for high and low prime accumulation).
  • Integrated case orientation system for increase loading flexibility
  • Auto case management system
  • Operator interface for product select, system controls and alarm display.
  • System flexibility and customization to meet case/bottle sizes and handling.
  • Allen Bradley controls and operator interface.

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Drop Load Case Packer


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