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Case Packers

A comprehensive Line of Custom Engineered, High-Speed, Small Footprint Case Packing Systems for Food and Beverage and Household Consumables

Efficiency is the number one issue facing plant operations today and to achieve that within an existing and very limited plant space environment is a big challenge. With our line of “New Innovation” Case Packing Solutions we address the sensitivity of small foot print requirements while maintaining high speed throughput performance. You no longer have to accept always an oversized industry standard for larger case packers to achieve speed.

Kraken Automation’s success has come from intense research and development to engineer versatile product delivery and infeed systems for multi product applications. With these developments and advancements we have been able to optimize throughput efficiency of case packing operations and at the same time developing our very own case packing systems and solutions.

Top Load Case Packing

Drop Load Case Packing

Semi Automatic/Manual Pack Stations


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