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KRAKEN KSPR3-240 High Speed
Servo-Paddle Product Reject

The servo paddle reject device is a three fin paddle designed for high speed applications for precision rejection of suspect cartons/products (metal detected, open flap, open case, improper bar code etc.) and is energy efficient (low power usage device).

The servo paddle can operate at a rate of up to 240 ppm, depending on the product/carton sizes and weights, replacing high air consumption components such as air blow off systems that are unreliable at high speed operation. Air blow-off systems depending on the application can result in poor mishandling of your products. This is especially the case when products have an open carton flap and air discharge rejection can propel its content into the surrounding area or end up skewing the product, creating product jams downstream.

KRAKEN KSPR2-60/70 High Speed Servo-Paddle Product Reject

For larger carton sizes and heavier weights the 2 fin KSPR2 high-speed servo paddle design can reject cartons, open or closed case (9” )at rates of 60-70 ppm (based on 9” carton spacing). This system can be provided with a pneumatic vertical side gate that is time sequenced with the servo paddle photo-eye detection to lower, allowing reject product to be discharged cleanly and quickly off the conveyor to a side bin.




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