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PLC Programming

Kraken Automation has the resources to program any intelligence requirement.

Almost every automated system used in processing or packaging has some form of intelligent control kernel. Be it an RTU (Remote Terminal Unit), PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), IMC (Intelligent Motion Controller), or Soft PLC, Kraken Automation has the resources to provide any customer with the proper application, regardless of the programming language used.

Kraken Automation has a team of engineers and technicians well versed in the programming of the following PLC families:

  • A/B PLC2, PLC3 and PLC5 platforms
  • A/B SLC100, 150 and 500 platforms
  • A/B Controllogix and Compactlogix platforms
  • Modicon 984 Compact, Momentum, Quantum platforms
  • GE Fanuc Series 30 and 90 platforms
  • Mitsubishi FX and FX0 series PLCs
  • Bristol Babcock DPC 3310, 3330 and 3335 RTU platforms

For every configuration, you are provided with a complete documentation package consisting of the fully annotated ladder print-outs, data table dumps, program narrative preamble describing the intent of the PLC logic, and a copy of the configuration on diskette.


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