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Complete plant-floor automated solutions for integrated manufacturing processes that achieve productivity efficiency, consistency and positive bottom line results.

It's no simple task to integrate a manufacturing process and packaging automation system. The tasks facing automation today are becoming more and more complex as the products/process and end-use requirements become more intricate. Productivity and process efficiency are pushed to achieve even greater performance levels with reduced operating costs, while at the same time maintaining market competitiveness.

Kraken's Integrated Automations Solutions, From Plant Floor to Upper Level Central ERP Systems

What works and what Kraken Automation offers:

  • Controls that compliment system components and their capabilities.
  • Cost effective Return-On-Investment (ROI).
  • Compatibility with related process systems existing in factory.
  • Systems that are reliable, efficient, consistent, user-friendly and safe.
  • Robust control architectures which provide the most up-to-date comprehensive production information, ready for action at all times and much more.

Animated Plant Floor


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