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Custom Applications

Specialized applications require specialized programmed solutions.

In certain instances, customers may have a requirement for an interactive application that is unique to their process or packaging systems. Due to the specialized nature of these applications, programs offering configured solutions may not provide the desired result or functionality. Consequently, a custom programmed application is required to achieve this. Kraken Automation has the experience in providing customers with customized, programmed applications.

A sample of the services and resources that Kraken Automation can offer pertaining to Custom Applications are:

Review of customer requirements, detailing data input,
data output and data interaction (e.g. databases, etc.)

  • Where required, flowchart development of application
  • Programming of application code, using languages as
    XML, HTML, Visual Basic, Visual C++;
  • Fully documented source code, comprehensively
    defining operation of code logic;
  • Deployment of code to executable, dll or active X
    applets, as required by the application;
  • Factory and site testing/commissioning of
    application(s); and
  • Training services (class or in situ).

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