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Control Panels

Complete design and assembly of control panels for all applications pertaining to process and packaging systems.

Kraken Automation provides a comprehensive service package in the area of Control Panel Systems:

System Assessment
Detailed analysis of control panel requirements, including conditions of panel location, customer plant component standards and wiring practices.

Control Panel Design
Conceptualization and development of control panel wiring, component layouts, and field device interconnection drawings, bill of material, device DIP switch/jump configurations, and data communication topologies.

Electrical Distribution
Every manufacturing plant is fitted with a power distribution system, transforming local utility electrical supply to in-plant electrical services. The infrastructure includes transformer sub-stations with primary metering and switchgear systems, power cable tray assemblies, MCCs (motor control centers), switchboards and lightning/building services. Kraken Automation has a full range of capabilities in this area, from design through to equipment specification, installation and commissioning. Kraken has designed and installed power distribution systems from utility sources (to 24kv), primary and secondary cabling systems (above and under ground), main power transformers and switchgear (to 5 MVA), and all related MCC, switchboards and lighting building services.

Panel Equipment Specification
Specification selection and procurement of control panel components, conforming to the client and local hydro authority requirements, complete with shop drawing details where required.

Panel Assembly and Testing
Facilities to assemble standard or specialty fabricated control panel systems, complete with provisions to perform factory acceptance testing and control simulations.

System Installation
Installation of control panels and instruments, including field device setup, instrument calibration with calibration sheets, and control system commissioning, conforming to client or company supplied factory acceptance testing and control simulations.

24 Hour Service
Full 24 hour service capabilities, to address any process and packaging needs a customer may have.


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