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Kraken KPAFT-300 Product Accumulator/Buffering Feed Systems

Our systems are very versatile in being able to provide packaging lines higher flexibility to divert and accumulate products should there be upstream or downstream line interruptions. Our systems range in performance from manual refeed and automated off-line systems to fully intelligent automated high speed (400+ PPM) inline systems.

(Look for Kraken Automation’s latest innovation and patented technology soon to be launched with a fully automated intelligent, inline feed system that eliminates orphan products out of your packaging line. Ideal for multi-component product packaging applications at high speeds)

The KPAFT-300 to the right, shows a vertical accumulator (off-line) and feed system for rolled pie dough in a wrapper. When the transfer for the flow wrapper stopped the goal was to keep the flow-wrapper running, therefore product had to be diverted and accumulated so as not to reject it off the line; then refeed two at a time into the travelling bucket below.

For manual feed/refeed systems, these are ideally suited for any carton infeed bucket system, “bag-in-box” multi pack applications for either orphaned or single product misfeed or products simply rejected off the line. Our accumulation tower with batch feeder for variable units, allow for fast, safe and trouble free reintegration of products back into the process downstream. This system will allow you to realize immediate costs savings through product, production recovery that would have normally been lost.

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Single product, manual accumulator refeed system (off-line)

Dual product, automatic accumulator feeder system (off-line)


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