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Kraken Automation introduces its new high speed, accumulator, indexer transfer system.
The Kraken KAIT-120 is a cost effective product feed system that incorporates the use of stepper technology for handling random fed product from baggers and pouchers and flow wrappers.

Kraken Automation introduces its new high speed, semi-automatic case packing system with dual or single pack stations.
The KRAKEN KSCP-200 semi-automatic case packer is a super versatile and innovative 3 axis driven motion control carton indexing product packing station. The system employs an automated product staging infeed with collation, product indexer and product pusher discharge.

Kraken Automation introduces its new high speed, top-load case packing system.
Kraken Automation is pleased to introduce their new High Speed Top-Load Case Packing System with dual gantry pickhead which operates at speeds of up to 25 cases per minute or 300 products per minute.

Kraken Automation Introduces Product Stacker with Vision, Detect/Reject Feeder System that is ideal for multi-pack product applications
Looking for a flexible, economical automation solution to take away costly manual packaging processes? Here is an ideal economical solution for multi-pack scenarios-applied to a broad range of products and industry applications.

Kraken Automation Introduces FlexMove Flexible, Plastic Chain Conveyor System Solutions with Unlimited Industry Applications
Kraken Automation Inc. is pleased to announce the new intelligent product conveying transportation system called FlexMove which is designed to provide competitive, cost effective, super “flexible”, plastic chain conveying solutions for a wide range of industry applications such as filling, packaging, machining and assembly.

Kraken Automation Introduces its Comprehensive Line of Case Packing,
Erectors and Sealers Line
Kraken Automation recently added to its family of packaging automation solutions arsenal a comprehensive line of Case Packers, Erectors & Sealers. Kraken has also gone further to develop a versatile delivery infeed system for its Case Packing line which optimizes the entire pick and place case packing operation. You therefore not only get a case packing machine but a totally integrated functioning system.

KSITP-80 KRAKEN KSITP-80 Standard Infeed and Transfer with Pass-Through System
June, 2004
Kraken Automation is pleased to introduce the model KRAKEN KSITP-80 single stage infeed and transfer system with pass-through system which offers end users the ability to deliver and transfer bagged product in single pack mode synchronous to a cartoner infeed system or, where alternate hand packing or bag conveying is required, pass the product through to the downstream handling systems.

KSTPM-80 KRAKEN KSTPM-80 Standard Transfer, Pass-Through Module
July, 2004
Pass through chutes fabricated from 304SS, with angular adjustment to allow orientation, providing optimum pass-through characteristics and with no need for power conveying assistance.

Frame construction standard using extruded aluminum structures suitable for food grade applications. Options available in stainless steel with continuous welded joints.

Fast, easily adjustable stainless steel slide rail system to adjust from transfer position to pass-through operation.  

KSBGI KRAKEN KSBGI, Servo Smart-Belt Product Gapper Infeed System- Ideal infeed product placement system for case packing applications
The KRAKEN KSBGI Smart-Belt Product Gapping Infeed system provides end users with the ability to provide repetitive precision placement and conveying of bagged or cartoned product, regardless of the packaging material used.

The smart - belt infeed system for case packing applications comes in a two lane dual direction design can be easily integrated with the full line of case packing systems available from Kraken Automation.

K2SIT KRAKEN K2SIT-40/80 Two Stage Infeed and Transfer System
The KRAKEN K2SIT-40/80 two stage infeed and transfer system provides end users with the ability to deliver and transfer bagged product in a single or twin pack modes synchronously to a cartoner infeed system.

KSRCMD240 KRAKEN KSRC/MD-240 Servo-Reject and Conveying System
The KRAKEN Servo Reject System, model KSRC/MD-240 is an economical, low maintenance, “plug and play” design with a simple control architecture that is specifically suited for metal detection requirements with high transfer speeds. This case conveying system has a bag and transfer rate of up to 240 cartons per minute.

KPART30050 KRAKEN KPART-300/50 Product Accumulator Refeed
and Transfer System
Kraken Automation is pleased to introduce the very first product Accumulator Refeed Transfer System on the market today. Uniquely suited for any carton infeed bucket system, bag-in-box operations where orphaned or single product displacement occurs, resulting either from miss-feed or system rejection. Products that would have otherwise been wasted with no way of reintegration back into the system downline because of process limitations, safety hazards and pinch points regulated by OSHA, can now be solved by the KRAKEN Accumulator Refeed and Transfer System.

Metal Detection Kraken Metal Detection Integration Services
When it comes to metal detection and eliminating metal contamination from foods or products, Kraken Automation Inc. can help you integrate your metal detection device into your transfer system. Possibly you are looking to upgrade your system or expand your existing line and your current conveyor system will not fit your metal detection layout. Not a problem for Kraken as we can relieve you of those worries and can design conveyor/transfer systems that will accommodate any metal detection device on the market.

KCCO/S-30 KRAKEN KCCO/S-30 Case Conveying and Orientation System

Kraken’s state-of-the art, high speed case conveying and orientation system is designed to accommodate a wide range of case sizes. The system provides configurable orientation on a case size by case size basis. This high speed case orientation system with built-in controls and operator interface can transfer at a rate of up to 30 cases per minute…the highest case speed orientation system available on the market today. Case sizes can range from 52 to 127 cubic inches.



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